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With an established heritage of almost 50 years, Atul Sugar Screens Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first sugar screen manufacturing export organisation. Today, its state-of-the-art facility with the largest independent manufacturing and testing capacity under one roof in Asia, serves thousands of end users across the globe, from The Americas to Europe, Africa to South East Asia and beyond.

Over the course of years, Atul has kept a ‘low profile’ in terms of branding and engaging in marketing activities. Having and maintaining a great brand value, Atul’s aim was to serve its current customers at the very best, rather than acquiring new customers, partly due to limited capacity. Now, being part of the Muon group, and being in the position to expand, Atul decided to rebrand an align with the Muon companies. This has helped Atul to further position itself as a thought leader in the sugar industry and only attract companies that fit their ideal customer profile. 

Bobkin Digital was responsible for the whole rebranding process and has helped Atul strengthen their brand and positioning. During the process many means of communication have been developed including website, corporate presentation, spec sheets and other marketing collateral. 

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“Feodor is a young, passionate & dynamic professional. He has an ability to transmute your ideas into the output. He not only takes your ideas in a very systematic format but he will add value to it to be more effective. The output of our assignment is very much satisfactory which is helping our business. It was indeed a pleasure to work with him.”

– Sandeep Khot, Managing Director Atul
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