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‘De Industrie’ is a new catering establishment in Nijmegen’s emerging New West. A new hot spot where food, drinks, and meeting people all blend together. From enjoying good food to entertainment for the whole family, from drinks to business lunch, from date to brainstorming session. 

Leading up to the opening of the restaurant, a completely new and fresh brand identity needed to be developed. The concept should have a link to the past; the meeting place, the factories and its workers, but also contain modern day elements with a focus on sustainability. A deep-dive was conducted to analyse and shape the mental brand identity, vision and distinctive character of the restaurant brand. With all input and brainstorming sessions, a concept was developed which ultimately led to the design and development of the visual identity. 

Bobkin Digital was responsible for the whole branding process to help establish a new and distinctive restaurant brand in Nijmegen. During this process different means of communication have been produced, including menu cards, website and photography work. 

Our role
Our role

Feedback client

“Great cooperation with Feodor. Short lines of communication, quick responses and direct action on requests.
And on top of that a beautiful design of logo, visual identity and everything that comes with it. Very satisfied!”

– Terry Tiemissen

Bobkin Digital - Feodor Bobkin

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